'The Salt-N-Pepa Show' Sneak Peek!

Salt-N-Pepa are the latest celebs to sign on for a reality show on VH1. The aptly titled The Salt-N-Pepa Show will focus on the former friends/band mates severed friendship. Apparently, it has a lot to do with Salt becoming all Christian and not wanting to sing about sex anymore. Lame! "None of Your Business" is like our anthem. Above is a sneak peek clip of the show, which starts airing on October 15.
Salt-N-Pepa's Here! [VH1]


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Ok, so the clip sets up what will be the conflict in the show, which is that Salt has changed quite a bit, and Pepa hasn't changed at all (or believes she hasn't). Salt says that it would be impossible for them to perform their old songs because she's not comfortable with the lyrics, and doesn't think the songs have legs without the racy stuff (I think she's right). Pepa wants to give it a shot anyway, and tries to put an innocent spin on "Push It". The manager is clearly scared of these women.

So how is this similar to the horrific Flava of Love and I Love New York style trainwreck? This clip doesn't make either of these women look stupid, or unreasonable, or like a gigantic ass. And I totally don't get the minstrel show connection at all.