The Royal We

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While anti-Monarchists are unlikely to give a toss, those aspiring queens with an allegiance to Rome will be glad to hear that the 300 year-old law that prevents Catholics from ascending to the British throne (or marrying rulers!) is being challenged by those who claim the archaic legislation flies it the face of the Sex Discrimination Act and the Human Rights Act. The Act of Settlement, obvs cooked up by Puritan types to ensure Protestant government, not only implicitly rules out Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Pagans etc. but, just to cover all its bases, also states that men rank above women. I guess we can conceivably see how they'd want a Protestant to be head of the Church of England, but the spouse thing? Um, those of us who like crowns beg to differ. [The F Word]


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Oh look a pic from when Willie still had all his hairs! Did anyone ever imagine Harry would end up as the hotter prince?! I guess those peeps who don't think he's Charles's son, but seriously?!