The Rodarte Sisters List Their Favorite Buffy Episodes

Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte have listed their favorite episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, whom they call "one of the most powerful female characters ever developed." Included are Season 2's "Passion," and "Becoming" (the one where she kills Angel), Season 3's "Consequences" and "Prom," Season 4's silent episode "Hush," Season 6's sing-along "Once More, With Feeling," and Season 7's "Conversations With Dead People." The Mulleavy sisters write that, "Before she was 'chosen' to be a slayer, Buffy Summers was a typical teenage girl with average ambitions. She seemed like the ditzy blonde that is usually murdered alone in the alleyway." That difference between her appearance and her abilities is, they say, one of the greatest things about the cult show. "She was asked to save the world in every episode. She lost her mother, her life (a few times), and those nearest to her. She was almost always selfless, and always fast with a quip. She was always the person to root for." What's your favorite episode? [Rookie]


Costume designer Eiko Ishioka, who won an Oscar for her work on the film Bram Stoker's Dracula (Gary Oldman's performance in that still kinda creeps us out — pity about Keanu), and also worked on such movies as The Cell and The Fall and for stage productions of M. Butterfly and Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, has died. Ishioka once refused a request from Jennifer Lopez, the star of The Cell, to make a metal headpiece more comfortable, because as the designer explained her character wasn't supposed to be comfortable. The cause of her death was pancreatic cancer. [NYTimes]

Stylist Kate Young says she can relax a bit before the SAG awards because "that one people don't care so much about," but that when she's dressing clients (including Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman, and Rachel Weisz) for the Golden Globes she sleeps five hours a night or less, and gets no sleep in the days leading up to the Oscars. She says of her clients, "I think the idea of pushing that, of not just being a Barbie doll, is very appealing to them, so I think that the three of them are much more open than a lot of other women to the idea of being…a little bit more abstract of a beauty. And I think they do all take risks, more than some people do. I mean I get it; people want to look pretty. There's nothing wrong with that.I think it's hard to take a risk. Can you imagine putting on a dress and the next day turning on Good Morning America and seeing somebody talk about how ugly you looked, like I can't even fathom how horrible that would be. I really am thankful that the people I work with trust me and are willing to push it a little bit." Young's new collection for Macy's INC is at right. [Fashionista]


Here's a first look at the upcoming Marni for H&M campaign — it appears to star British actress Imogen Poots. [Fashionista]


Prabal Gurung unveiled the new uniforms he designed for Sephora, here modeled by actual Sephora employees. [BellaSugar]


This is Alice Dellal. She is a face of a new Chanel bag, even though she admitted to a reporter that she doesn't usually carry a bag. And...this is how she dresses. Again: face of Chanel. So we guess there's hope for us all! [Racked]


Bad joke of 2011 Kreayshawn went to Terry Richardson's studio. [DFR]


French Courtney Stodden Zahia Dehar, "who was thrust into the limelight by a tabloid scandal involving top French footballers," (which is Women's Wear Daily's delicate phrase for, "who became famous following her arrest in a brothel raid for boinking rilly famous French dudes while underaged"), has a "couture" lingerie line. (Prostitution in France is legal, but only for those over 18; Dehar had willingly engaged in it, but was 17 at the time.) The evident distaste for Dehar that all the fashion folks who came to her launch party display in this story is kind of depressing. But what's weird is that Dehar had a metal cast made of her "infamous Z-shaped torso," which apparently just means she arches her spine into the shape of a swanbill corset on command. [WWD]

  • Kate Moss loves "trash telly." In a rare interview, the supermodel said that her idea of a fun Saturday night is "Go to the pub and watch crap telly. That's what we do on a Saturday. Any trash TV. I love trash." And she won't be signing up for Twitter anytime soon. "I couldn't think of anything worse than people knowing what I'm doing all the time," she says. Moss has no complaints about her job, other than "The snakes. I don't mind the snakes, but sometimes they've been quite… you know, snakes going up legs and snakes everywhere." This has been a rare interview with Kate Moss. [Grazia]

    Kate Middleton has been named "Hat Person of the Year" by the Headwear Association, in its annual Name A Famous Person Something Arbitrary But Nice-Sounding So That Our Boring Press Release Will Get Some Coverage initiative. Which...done and done! [Hat Association]

    J.C. Penney is planning to invest more than $800 million in its revamp, which is part of an ongoing reorganization campaign by its new C.E.O., who was previously an executive at Apple. Penney's previously announced it was permanently cutting its prices by 40% storewide on all merchandise — but in exchange would be canceling hundreds of planned sales — and launching new designer lines, including one from Nanette Lepore. So far the stock price is up. [WWD]

    Scott Schuman and Garance Doré talked about their reasons for taking on freelance gigs for major brands at the party to celebrate their new Tiffany's ad campaign (the party to which only good-looking people would be admitted, according to one promoter). "The money we make from something like this helps us go to Morocco or Peru — I feel very comfortable with that," says Schuman. "These types of partnerships help our blogs grow in the sense that the projects help fund our continued independence." Doré says, "I always think, ‘Are they going to understand our visions when we're working together?' I also think about what it is and if it feels natural in my life. ‘Do I like this product? Would I wear this?' It's very simple actually." And they say they always clearly disclose when they are advertising for a brand and when they are shooting for their own editorial content. [Fashionista]

    Betsey Johnson, who still says John Cale is her favorite ex-husband, went to see Love, Loss, and What I Wore, the play by Nora and Delia Ephron. One of the monologues is about the paper dress Johnson designed in the '60s. [WWD]

    Coco Rocha, Chrissy Teigen, and Johnny Weir had an ice-skating party at the Standard hotel. Weir dressed in Gareth Pugh, because, reports WWD:

    "The sparkly little skating outfits are a little too cold for this weather. I don't want insurance claims filed against me for hard nipples," Weir said as he rubbed his pectorals thoughtfully with both hands.


    Roberto Cavalli is wiping the perfume slate clean and discontinuing its current fragrances in favor of the new Roberto Cavalli scent produced under license with new partner, Coty. On department store shelves next month. Cavalli says he has more licenses planned: "I'd like to make many, many things with color and cosmetics — even color for the hair." [WWD]

    Cavalli is, presumably until his PR hides his laptop and seizes his BlackBerry, blogging for his brand-new company blog. Sample post:

    After a great dinner at [the tony Paris hotel] Costes I booked one of the best tables at Rasputin, the most fashionable nightclub … The bottle of vodka they brought me was full but already opened, definitely filled from a large bottle of poorer quality!
    Parisian service!

    [Roberto Cavalli Blog]

    Louis Vuitton is opening a massive new flagship store in Rome, which it is insisting everyone refer to as a "maison." [WWD]

    Salvatore Ferragamo says that its revenues rose by 26% to $1.37 billion in fiscal 2011, the year in which the company went public. [WWD]

    And now, a moment with designer Carly Cushnie, of Cushnie et Ochs. Carly, how's the preparations for your FW 2011 show going?

    "There are lots of late nights — Michelle [Ochs] and I are always the last people in the office. We get the space heaters going, we get the Snuggies out while we make our patterns … and there's lots of eating, of course! During Fashion Week we have dinner catered for everyone. It makes things easier; it's family style, everyone sits down and has a little break — then it's back to work! The caterers always find it funny — they think that fashion people just want salad. Once they just gave us salad and we were like, no. What is this? We need hot food!"

    Real hot food, patternmaking, and Snuggies? Count us in. [FashionEtc]

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