So tonight is the season finale of Rock of Love 2. Jeez, time flies when you're watching strippers and out-of-work actresses battle it out for the attention of a man with more weave tracks and under-eye concealer than them. After all these weeks, it's come down to two women: The blonde with fake tits and the blonde with real tits. Who will it be!?!?!? Let's watch and find out. (BTW, Ambre totally has this one in the bag.)

10:30 It's taking forever for this shit to load:

10:28 So how long do you think this fake relationship with Ambre will last? I bet they aren't even together at the reunion next week. Fuck, they better not be. I want a third season!


10:26 Desperation and fear is not a good look on Ambre. her whole face is sweaty and shaking.

10:21 The fact that Bret constantly refers to "rock of love" as though it's an actual phrase that people use never ceases to entertain me.

10:19 Has anyone else seen The Ruins? (Great movie, btw.) Bret looks like he just walked out of the tomb where the poison plant lives. Wait...poison! Ha!


10:12 In these reflective shots on the beach, Bret looks like my school bus driver from when I was in grade school. She was a woman. Sort of.

10:10 It's weird when Bret and everyone talk about his "lifestyle." What kind of crazy lifestyle could he possibly have, considering his diabeedus?

10:00 I saw an ad for Maid of Honor on the side of a bus a few weeks ago, and I joked that it was probably the same plot as My Best Friend's Wedding but with gender reversal. Turns out it is! Also, so that's what Dwayne Wayne's been up to. Huh!


9:55 Ha! I really hope the girls realize that Bret has given them the same necklace.

9:52 Kudos to Bret for kissing Daisy after she puked. Although something about him leads me to believe that he doesn't do the same after a girl gives him a BJ.

9:46 Seriously, how many girls have puked while on a date with Bret?

9:41 It's kinda telling that Daisy isn't really good at the whole mean girl thing. She's too nice or something.


9:40 Side not: Ew! Did you see Hal Sparks in that magician commercial? Why is he doing that with his hair?

9:35 WHOA! Ambre is showing Bret her vagina! When do you think he'll show her his?

9:34 Does Ambre seriously think that Bret picked that charm necklace out for her himself? Or that it wasn't provided for free by a sponsor.


9:32 I don't understand why Ambre keeps saying that Daisy is being ugly. Wasn't Daisy just confronting Ambre for belittling her in front of Bret.

9:29 I truly wonder what Daisy was doing all day while Ambre was on her date with Bret. My best guess is trying on outfits.

9:21 Thanks AndYourLittleDogToo. I was totally spelling Ambre's name wrong. Well, actually, I was spelling it correctly. She's the one that's spelling it wrong.


9:17 Hahahaha. I love how Ambre is saying that she feels so sexy, meanwhile she has last night's eyeliner on, her legs are cut up, and her rosacea is showing around her mouth.

9:10 I'm not into Ambre. I don't like how she tries to cut Daisy down. Also, she's such a fake-y actress wannabe. But at the same time, this is a fake-y dating show, so I guess that's fitting.

9:04 Bret seems to love bringing the girls to real spring break type places, like Cancun and Cabo. It's wonderfully inappropriate because he and Ambre could have children old enough to be on spring break, and I'm fairly certain that Daisy hasn't gone to college.


9:00 Oh, and I totally forgot that Ambre wasn't even supposed to stay after the first episode. That Jersey-type brunette left and Ambre got to stay in her place.