The Riverdale Trailer Promises Classic Teen Murder Shenanigans for the New Series

As we noted when a Riverdale comic TV show was announced, Archie’s hometown wholesomeness was going to get the “CW treatment,” and it sure did. The new trailer shows a lot of skin, even more angst, and a beautiful head of glowing red hair.

Unfortunately, it looks like K.J. Apa, the guy who plays Archie, may owe his glory to the bottle. That doesn’t mean I’m not intrigued by the murder mystery anchoring Riverdale’s first full-length trailer. There’s lot of hot car sex in this peaceful village, but in the river of the dale floats a body. Will the crew band together, hiding the mysterious killer in their midst? Or are they all somehow implicated in this heinous crime? Holy crap, that was Luke Perry looking like a dad!


Sprinkled in between ominous announcements about a killer being in the room, there’s the obligatory high-school-boy-makes-it-with-teacher plot line of all CW shows, and the introduction of rich bitch Veronica Lodge, who declares in the local diner, “I’m Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but this place is strictly In Cold Blood.” Sure whatever the hell that means, Veronica.

Very promising start for a series that seems to be following the comic book reboot’s lead away from perky pastoral fantasy. Lurking in this town with pep is a secret as dark as Apa’s roots.

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.....does this series make sense to any Archie fans? Granted I haven’t read an Archie comic in years, but the tone and premise of this show seems really fucking weird for a show that’s meant to be set in the Archie universe.