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If you dislike the idea of the Olympics being represented by logo that looks like a puzzle some mischievous housecat has broken into pieces, then you probably didn't like the London 2012 logo. The great thing about the Olympics, however, is that every four years, new graphic design teams and ad agencies have the opportunity to capture the elusive butterfly that is the Olympic spirit.


The Rio 2016 logo went in the opposite direction of the broken puzzle piece motif — Brazils Tatíl Design created a real "we are the world" image of three bodies holding hands (and feet, it seems) in a vibrant dance circle, which sends the really positive, unifying message to all competing nations that, hey, even if you lose, you're still in Rio. The design team also seems really excited about their effort and about the awesomeness of Rio, which, from the cutaways to to palm tree-lined, sun-dappled streets in the video below, seems considerable.

Hated the London 2012 Logo? You Might Like Rio 2016 Better [Adweek]

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