The Right Won't Stop Until They Have Their Hands, And Laws, Wrapped Around Your Uterus

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Marjorie Dannenfelser is the president and chairman of the board of the Susan B. Anthony List, which is a group dedicated to electing to office women who don't support reproductive choice. It takes its —for feminists — misleading moniker from the fact that, in the 19th century when the Democratic party was the party of the South and racism, Anthony voted for Republicans. Dannenfelser, like other Republicans, might be saddened that Democrats have control in Washington but, like many anti-choice advocates, she's not going to let that stop her from working to erode our personal liberties.In an interview with the National Review's K-Lo, Dannenfelser says that, on Election Day, the anti-choice movement lost 15 of its issues' advocates in Congress, and that about 40 percent of the candidates they backed lost. She blames this entirely on the economy, and not on the fact that the majority of Americans think abortion should remain legal. She's saddened by the loss of Marilyn Musgrove, who carried much water for the social conservative movement by pushing for amendments to our Constitution to ban everything the fundies want banned. She blames American baby-killing, gay-sex-having heathens:

They wake up in the morning with anger and hatred of our cause, spend the day leveraging the energy from it into brilliant strategy, and go to bed thinking they have saved the world from anger and hatred.


I think Dannenfelser probably knows more than a little about waking up in the morning with "anger and hatred" for the people on the opposite side of this issue. Amusingly, Dannenfelser is incredibly angry that there are no pro-life women in the Senate anymore, helpfully ignoring Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski and Kay Bailey Hutchison who are, clearly, godless baby-killers despite their voting records. Nonetheless, she sees hope for a renewal of her efforts to erode the personal liberties of women:

The pro-life movement will grow much stronger now. If the movement does its job, we can gain great ground in this climate. With our backs up against the wall because of FOCA, and all three branches of government under pro-abortion control, the movement will retrench, reorganize and re-energize as it did after Clinton came into office.

Basically, she's not only not going to stop, she's going to use the specter of an Obama Administration handing out RU-486 willy-nilly to raise more money and come on stronger than ever before. And so, despite this win for the pro-choice movement, it's not really any time to rest on our laurels and wait for a Supreme Court nomination. The Atlantic's Ross Asshat Douthat has an article in Salon where he happily picks apart anti-choice conservatives, like Douglas Kmeic, who voted for Obama because of Obama's ideas about reducing the incidence of abortion. Douthat whines that this is no time to talk about respecting the rights of women and reducing the reasons for them having abortions to reduce abortions, it's time to just make it nearly impossible for women to get them (if not illegal) and for conservatives to stop being such pussies.

To my mind any pro-choice American who sincerely seeks a national consensus on the subject of abortion should support overturning Roe and returning the issue to the democratic process

Uh, if there was a worse week to argue to liberals that we should stop fighting the primacy of the judicial branch and put our established personal liberties up for a vote, this is not it. Pro-Life Causes Live On [National Review] Kmeic's Abortion Folly [Salon] Related: Lisa Murkowski on the Issues [On The Issues] Kay Bailey Hutchison [On The Issues]



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