A trio of male business students in Germany have launched what may be the most selfless, saintly, self-sacrificing business venture of all time. They've banded together to form the world's first free sex brothel that serves women. Ladies, if you're stressed out by school work and don't know where to turn, one of these kindly gentlemen may do you the service of putting their penises in you. Purely out of the goodness of his heart.

The group consists of three male students from the University of Manheim and calls itself Bib:Love. According to Der Spiegel, the name is a play on the German word for library and "love," as in the thing that robots want to learn how to do. Last fall, during an "alcohol-fueled evening," the men were discussing how women who enjoy one-night stands are labeled as "sluts. Suddenly, brilliance! If those non-sluts want some no-strings-attached peen, then who are three simple German business students who just so happen to possess penises to stand in the way? The trio of benevolent boners has posted signs around campus advertising the benefits of no-strings-attached sex on grades and even spoken in front of groups at the university.


Here's how Bib:Love works: women interested in blowing off some steam email the group's collective hotmail address (side note: in order to access hotmail, do they first have to take a time machine back to 1997?). A correspondance occurs, and a meeting is set up between the interested woman and one of the three men, who go by the oddly unsexy pseudonyms Oskar, Christopher, and Julius. After the meeting, if the two parties want to have sex, then they go have sex with each other. The group says that so far, they've had over 80 inquiries and 9 meetings that resulted in 5 successful fuckings.

So, basically Bib:Love is sort of a community booty call service. But with an ad campaign and a guy who might be named Oskar.


It's not difficult to see how this might look scammy, since a quick perusal of pop culture tells us that men are comically desperate to have sex. In American Pie that guy does it with what must have been the pie with the world's tightest crust, in Superbad Michael Cera and Jonah Hill yell at each other about lube, and in The Lord of the Rings, Sam goes all the way to Mordor just so he can keep watching Frodo fall down over and over again. Bib:love looks, sounds, and smells like a real-life sex comedy in the making.

But the men behind Bib:Love think they're doing more than just having no-strings-attached sex with women they already find attractive. To them, it's about female empowerment and women's rights. Ladies should be able to have as much sex with men out of whom they demand nothing as their hearts desire. Besides, say the dudes, sex is healthy, stress relieving, and fun for everyone.


In my experience, every college campus sort of serves as an unofficial free sex brothel for stressed out ladies (and dudes), but leave it to those organized, industrious Germans to organize the freelance fucking into an actual business.

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