The Return Of Jezebel James: Possibly Disappointing

So there's this new Fox show called The Return Of Jezebel James, written and produced by Amy Sherman of Gilmore Girls fame. Sounds great, right? And guess what? The cast is a dream: Parker Posey, Lauren Ambrose, and, rumor has it, Dianne Wiest (playing their mom). But upon viewing two clips, we're not sure the network has a hit on its hands. The pitch: When a newly single, professional woman learns she's unable to conceive, she looks to her estranged younger sister to carry her baby for her. Jezebel James was the younger sister's imaginary friend; the older sister turned Jezebel's adventures into a book. Could that sway lil' sis to get knocked up for big sis?

The main problem with what we're seeing so far is that damn laugh track. Shows like 30 Rock, The Office and Scrubs manage to be funny without canned laughter; Fox should tune in to NBC and take note. Judge for yourself: There's the clip above and another below.

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