The Reds Of Their Eyes

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The women's Olympic field hockey team from the UK have a way to deal with the thick smog in Beijing: red contact lenses. The team will wear the lenses so they can spot the ball through the haze and also reduce squinting which can cause headaches. While The Sun seems to be tickled that the women will be wearing the lenses "despite the effect they have on the ladies' looks", we're thinking the only effect the lenses will have is to scare the shit out of the Olympians' competitors. [The Sun]


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Stranger Bird

@luxamnesiac: That was exactly my thought. Rage!

As far as someone saying they're an unfair advantage, how are they different from sunglasses? Cause you can get sunglasses/other eyewear with what they called a "persimmon" lens back when I used to sell ski gear, that brings out contrast in low-light conditions. I assume these are something similar if they're for seeing in haze.