The 'Redbook' You Should Have Seen On Newsstands

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[Cover composite created by Carlton Swift]

A reader sent in this rendering of our favorite un-retouched Redbook cover photo adorned with the coverlines and fonts of the original July issue, and we're posting it as a little statement. We understand if you're initially repulsed, and you have to click away for a second, perhaps on that charming photo of Nicole Richie in a swimsuit, but we're putting it out there for a reason. As we've discussed previously, this issue of Redbook is chock-full of interesting stories about real people and the lives they lead, and sometimes, once in awhile, real people look as wrinkly and grossly overweight as Faith Hill does in this photo. Think on that, and how maybe we all need to reevaluate our standards for buying women's magazines. Or, you know, stop buying them altogether.

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The Annotation/"Memo" from the Photo Editor

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I like it better this way. It makes me think, "Damn this almost 40 y/o woman looks amazing! She must take really good care of herself. She must diet and exercise regularly, use a good SPF, and have a great colorist." Not "Shit, how many hundreds of calories do I need to start to cut out per day now to make sure I look like that in 15 years? Or, should I just start the Botox now before it's too late"