The Recession: Tough On Your Pockets, Tougher On Your Privates

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In times of trouble, we all like to turn to a guru we know and trust: Dr. Ruth. On the Forbes website, the tiniest sex doctor in the U.S. cautions that sometimes sexual recessions and fiscal recessions go hand in hand. Dr. Ruth discusses the case of a sexually frustrated wife, whose husband was not in the mood for sex because he feared he was going to lose his job. "He didn't tell her about his fears. He constantly imagined the dreaded day when he'd be called in to see his manager, sex was the last thing he craved," Dr. Ruth explains. "But since his wife didn't know what was going on—and since he was being especially silent about his activities during the day—she began to suspect that he was having an affair." Not surprisingly, Dr. Ruth prescribes a healthy dose of communication."Only when couples understand the source can they avoid the mistake, which is thinking any growing distance between them is a relationship problem," Dr. Ruth counsels. In addition to open lines of communication, Dr. Ruth also prescribes naked snuggling. "Even if a couple doesn't feel like making love, they should make an appointment, take their clothes off and climb into bed together. Most of the time this will be enough to get them started," the good Doctor notes. And speaking of recession sex, there is a super sad personal essay on from Sarah Hepola about a one night stand with a transactional lawyer. She and the lawyer had a steamy night of multiple orgasms, and she did not hear from him again…until several days later, when he sent the following text: "I lost my job this week. I lost all my money in the stock market. I think my mom is seriously ill, and I'm probably moving back to Florida later this week. I don't think we can date right now." Oh. shit. Some of Hepola's friends believed that the guy was lying, but like Sarah, I choose to believe him. How awful! You guys, there's also this article from Time about how the recession may or may not make you get a divorce, but honestly I need to pull back from this ledge of romantical despair!! To sum it up, basically your unemployed husband is totally going to get obsessed with online porn to distract him from the terror of his real life and then once he's totally broke he'll divorce you, because then you won't get any of his precious money. Or something. Seriously I couldn't get through it without wanting to die. Let's all just look at the nice picture of Dr. Ruth and think happy thoughts instead. Sexual Recession [Forbes] How The Financial Crisis Ruined My Love Life [Nerve] Will the Market Kill Your Marriage? [Time] Earlier: Dr. Ruth Personally Advises Us On Period Sex



My live-in boyf and I just broke up. It's amicable, but it's heartbreaking for both of us. Times are rough. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who is completely miserable. With that said, sex is seriously the last thing on my mind, next to imagining John McCain naked and puppies dying.