Though the current economy is the pits for the Jane Wine Boxes and Jenny Jagermeisters of the U.S., according to the Wall Street Journal the crisis has been quite peachy for financial guru Suze Orman. Orman, who has a reputation for frugality, has been in high demand by companies looking for a paragon of thriftiness to endorse their products. Among the recent endorsements Suze has signed on for include FDIC, Milk, GM, and possibly Folgers. Orman is doing the FDIC ads for free, because "her doorman withdrew $17,000 from the bank out of fear last week, and was robbed," the Journal reports. But some of Orman's detractors think her endorsements are irresponsible.A blog post by Suzanne Muusers, a business coach, is quoted as saying Orman "personally benefits from fear mongering, and that is not what we need right now," and that Orman and others "live off selling magazines and television shows that spew irresponsible viewpoints." Orman's brand manager/ partner, Kathy Travis, says to the Journal that they turn down many of the endorsement deals that Orman is offered, particularly with banks because it could be a conflict of interest. "We have been approached by everyone โ€” ING, Wells Fargo and HSBC. They are great companies, but in the best interest of Suze, we have a blanket rule: no banking endorsements." For her part, Suze says fuck the haters. "There are always these people who want to attack me no matter what I do," the jacket-loving Orman tells the Journal. And speaking of Suze and her bedazzled outerwear, here's a clip from SNL of Kristen Wiig impersonating Suze and her money-saving tips for women (and if the promos are any indication, Wiig will be reprising the role this Saturday). If maxi pads are getting too expensive, fake-Orman says, you should make your own. "Buy a 24-pack of baby socks and some double sided tape," she advises, and remember, in life,"It's people, then money, then things, then homemade maxi pads." Click to view Crisis Makes Suze Orman a Star [WSJ โ€” sub. req.] Earlier: The American Economic Downturn Is Tough On Jane Winebox