Last night, we got to see the aftermath of the big fight between Real World roomies Parisa and Trisha. We hypothesized that Trisha's aggression might have more to do with Parisa being a brown-skinned, non-Christian than the fact that Parisa is always on the phone. Parisa stuck to her guns, and used her option to have Trisha removed from the house. Oh, and then the other girls in the house picked up where Trisha left off in harassing Parisa, and actually began spitting on the window to the room where Parisa was on the phone.


They even left this note in the phone room for Parisa.

Illustration for article titled iThe Real World/i: Trisha Gets Booted For Random Acts Of Violence

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@Mollyboo: I wanted to smack them, too. My boyfriend definitely thought I was crazy because I was yelling about it to him in the kitchen.

What upsets me most is that Trisha & KellyAnne & Ashli all represent the archetypal American girl that all other countries believe is true of everyone else.

1. They are vapid and superficial.

2. They believe they way they live/are (class, race, religion, etc.) is the only "good" way to live.

3. They are unreasonable and do not understand logic (If Trisha wasn't your friend, would she still be in the right?)

4. They take the "woe is me" attitude on dumb things, like your friend going home after punching a verbally attacking another girl when, you know, there's, like, war is stuff going on. Such as.