The Real World: Herpes, Spit, Water, Tears

On last night's episode, Ayiiia mocked Emo Joey's oral herpes. In retaliation, he spit on her tacos, and antagonized her by singing her a song. She threw water, getting some in his guitar. This made Emo Joey cry.

Seriously, what a baby. He went on and on about how his expensive guitar was now ruined, although this was just a hunch... and he never bothered to get it repaired in a shop. It was a minimal amount of water. One time, when my boyfriend pissed me off, I put his electric guitar in the tub and peed on it repeatedly, and I had my period, to boot. He got it fixed for $40. I suggest that Joey stop being so Emo, and dry both his eyes and guitar.


Last season, The Real World reverted back to the old days, and the roommates weren't given a mandatory group job. (Personally, I loved the decision. It gave characters their own story lines and allowed them to explore New York City in their own ways.) This season, however is different: Seeing that Cancun has fewer bars - and people - than NYC, the roommates need to explore life beyond their high-end resort and its VIP-designated lounge chairs.

So a group job was arranged for the roomies that is bound to cause a lot of drama and challenges. They're working for a student travel organization, for which they are essentially chaperones for college kids on spring break. The catch? The Real Worlders are not allowed to "fraternize" — meaning hook up — with the students, and worse yet, they are not allowed to be publicly intoxicated, even when they're not working. If they violate these rules, they not only get terminated, but they get sent back home. Ayiiia — one of the two Hooters waitresses living in the house — is totally pissed off about this because she won't be allowed to enter hot body contests or dance on tables.


Erin Gloria Ryan

Herpes taco is pretty amateur. If he wanted to go all out, he'd have given her a chlamydia burrito or AIDS nachos.