The Real World: Female Empowerment Is A Stranger To The Seven Roommates

Last night's episode of the Real World is a totally convincing argument of why feminism is still very much a relevant movement and that just because we may have more job options other than nurse, teacher, and hairdresser open to us, we seriously need to work on the double standards that continue to exist within heterosexual romantic relationships. First of all, I know that all of the cast members of this season are exceptionally retarded, even for Bunnim-Murray standards, but the women especially make my skin crawl. One of the blond chicks (seriously, they are so homogeneous and interchangeable) decides that she wants to get back together with her ex-boyfriend. He takes the cards of the upper-hand she dealt him, and uses them against her. When she tells him she will be taking a trip with her roommates to northern Australia, he freaks out because she will be having fun without him. He gives her an ultimatum to either leave the Real World house immediately and come back to him, or continue living there and lose him for good. She's so concerned with pleasing him that she doesn't even question the fact that he's such a douche for not wanting her to gain new experiences and take advantage of the opportunities offered to her. Roll your eyes at the clip above.

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"She's in lurve. You can't fault her fer that!"

Yes, and when he beats her, it'll be with "love taps!"

And here I though the "Biggest Loser" reality show was about weight-loss.