The Real World: D.C.: Political Incorrectness Hits The Nation's Capital

Last night, the 23rd season of The Real World premiered. This time around, eight roommates are living in a mansion in D.C. The standout was Andrew, a self-proclaimed "politically incorrect" cartoonist whose main goal is to "get laid."


He's really working the "politically incorrect" angle.

But I think watching him is going to be fun. He gives a good cringe factor, like Chet, but Andrew is actually trying to have sex, so things could get even more cringe-y.

Illustration for article titled iThe Real World: D.C./i: Political Incorrectness Hits The Nations Capital

I mean, come on.

I'm also really into Josh, but only because he's so Philly. (He says stuff like "owlt" instead of "out."

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I'd whip out my light-saber for a sword fight with him.