The Real Reason The Dude From Sister Wives Is Polygamous

On last night's episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown took his four wives to visit his hometown of Lovell, Wyoming. It was his first time going back "openly as a polygamist." He talked about having the "Scarlett P" on his shoulder, and the townsfolk did seem to be pretty judgy. One young woman was upset because she didn't want people to think her town is the birthplace of polygamy. Another older lady said that Kody and his wives were "good people" who have the "wrong idea." Things got really interesting when Kody hung out with some of his friends from high school. His old best friend Ken said Kody's religious beliefs were his own personal issue and "If he goes to hell, so be it."


But one woman Kody went to high school with had some really great insight about why Kody became polygamous: "I just kind of saw it as a built-in way for you to be the center of attention all the time. Which is exactly what you'd always been… That's how I saw it, as 'This is how I can always be the center of attention.' How can you not be with four wives and sixteen kids?" Congrats, lady. You win. It's so obvious Kody craves attention and has weird megalomaniacal tendencies, and the wives, kids and TV show just prove it. Plus, one of Kody's former classmates revealed that people thought he was "flamboyantly gay" in high school, because he wore tight pants and flipped his hair. As long as people are looking, right?

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Why is Jezebel so invested in proving that a polygamous family can't possibly be as happy or functional as a regular family?

These women are not victims. They weren't forced into this marriage and they don't seem sheltered or ignorant about their other lifestyle possibilities. Isn't it condescending to continuously insinuate that these women must be oppressed in some way and that they couldn't possibly be happy with their marriage? What happened to respecting the right of adult women to make informed decisions about their own lives?

Isn't this family already facing enough judgement and discrimination without a feminist website making fun of their husband?