The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Represent The Crass Consumerism That Is Ruining Our Country

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - made up mostly of women who are wives of athletes - are the shallowest, bitchiest, and most materialistic we've seen in this Bravo series. All of them act like the girls you see on MTV's My Super Sweet 16 - demanding designer labels, extravagant birthday cakes, and fully loaded Escalades - but perhaps the most disgusting is Shereé, who talks about how much "class" she has, which is a sure sign she doesn't have any. She's the ex of some athlete, and she is fighting him for money so that she can continue to maintain her lifestyle, which includes an extensive staff (personal assistant, chef, and publicist) and buying $3,500 handbags that look like you can get them for a tenth of the price at Joyce Leslie. She also thinks that "men are intimidated by successful women," interesting only because I didn't realize that "success" is measured by how much you can take your ex-husband for. Clip above.



My ONE hope for this financial crisis is that pop culture will finally turn on this sort of attitude about money. I wish people like this would be openly sneered at, rather than having their lifestyles endorsed by countless reality shows. urgh.