The Real Housewives Bring Out The Real Mean Girls In All Of Us

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"[I]t couldn't have been a more ideal laboratory for psychologists in the burgeoning field of social-aggression research." That's this week's New York magazine on Bravo's Real Housewives of New York City, in a short feature titled "Is The Nastiness Of The Real Housewives Contagious?" Says psychologist Mitchell Prinstein, the "expert" brought in to weigh-in on the best-worst show on TV: "Studies suggest that this kind of nasty behavior becomes more prevalent as we age (and grow more cognitively sophisticated) and is especially common among people of high status." Of course, there was plenty of Housewives-directed social aggression to go around on this site as well, easily answering the question posed in New York's own headline. After the jump, some of the funniest/foulest tidbits.

Why does Avery bear no resemblance to her parents? I bet good money that Ramona went out and bought herself a new face ( nose job, cheek implants, chin implant, breast augmentation, veneers...)

Ramona is trash. LuAnn needs to get over herself. She wasn't born a countess, she married into it. I'd be willing to bet that she wasn't "born" into money at all.

I thought it was funny that LuAnn gets uptight about her title. She's the fourth to have it. Her husband gets around. He's like the Count from Sesame Street. One, one wife ah-ah-ah!

I'm trying to think of people I find more repugnant than Alex and Simon and I'm having trouble. I mean, dictators and murderers sure, but pretentious social climbers like them just blow.

Mommy poses for naughty naked photos, kids run around impaling cheeseburgers....Yuppies gone wild!

Latin lessons before the age of 5 + a name like Francois + a bother named Johan + a child psychologist + fancy preschools that cost more than my house + long blonde hair + going to fancy restaurants when you're far too young to be in one = coke addict.

The appropriate thing would have been to take Frank (I'm sorry, but "Francois" is a ridiculous name for a little American boy) outside the dining room. Ask him "What's the matter?" and make it clear that, if nothing's wrong, he is expected to behave. If he doesn't, it's home. Pronto. Instead, in typical Yuppie style, they just gaze lovingly at their spawn, saying "Isn't he adorable?" And we wonder why Civility is on the wane? Ugly kid, even uglier parents.

Look, it doesn't matter where you bring him or how often you try and convince others you have the 'perfect relationship". He's still gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Alex makes me cringe. What did she say, about making the NYT social page and now everyone will see that she is at their level. What the fuck?! She's like a lunatic, and that kills me every time. And what was with that ramshackle house?

Although it's tacky to haul the husband on a "girls night out", Ramona hugely trumped Simon and Alex's tackiness by acting, well, trashy. She's trashy. I think they showed unusual restraint by not punching Ramona in the throat.

I think Simon would be much more attractive were he to have different ears.

Is The Nastiness of 'The Real Housewives' Contagious? [NYMag]


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I still think the best would be "Real Housewives of DC."

"Dahling, I just got back from Rwanda. You should see how much food and water I gave them! All the rice! I'm so jealous of those people, getting to eat all the carbs they want."

"Oh, Sandy, you're absurd, with all your humanitarian work. Oh, did I tell you? Jenny got an interview at Sidwell Friends!"

"Irene was already accepted."



"My husband can nuke Iran faster than your husband."