The Rachel Zoe Project: Zoe-isms

The Rachel Zoe Project premiered last night. Two things were shocking: 1. Her assistant, Taylor, is a terrifying, intimidating bitch. 2. Rachel seems to be a really nice person with relatable anxiety issues. Also, she's so fucking catch phrase-y. Her faves seem to be the violent "kills it," "I die," and "shut it down," which she at times softens with "loves it," with a slice of "bananas" in between. Above is a clip of all of her Zoe-isms.



As for Zoe herself, I found myself liking her a lot. I thought her ability to pick out designers just by looking at things — like when she went into Decades and instantly recognized the Lanvin necklace — to be somewhat astounding. The same way people work at art galleries and art museums, or at archives, she works with clothes, in studios and stores. And for all her own personal wackitude in the style department, she dresses an unbelievably eclectic group of celebrities, and dresses them very, very well. I really like this show, and I can't help but hope it becomes a full-season, multi-season show.