“The prosthesis was given to her by the Department of Veterans Affairs after her left leg was amputated in 2013, but the replacement was so bulky and ill-fitting that it kept falling off in public. She pleaded with VA officials for ‘a foot that fits, a female foot,’ only to be told repeatedly that the agency doesn’t carry that kind of customized prosthesis, which is available on the private market.” An interesting story about retired Army Sergeant Brenda Reed’s long journey to get a prosthetic foot made for a woman and the VA’s struggles to meet the medical needs of female veterans.


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We constantly are brought back to the basic fact that adequate and functioning medical equipment in this country is a luxury good, when there is absolutely no justifiable reason for that to be the case. The idea that corporations must be profiting exorbitantly for science and technology to advance is so patently false it makes my head spin.