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The prosecutor in St. Charles County, Missouri, says no criminal charges will be filed in the Megan Meier case. As you know, Meier's parents claim that her suicide was the result of harassment via MySpace. The prosecutor has revealed that the MySpace profile was not created by the mother of one of Megan's friends, as reported, but by an 18-year-old employee of that mother, though the mother knew about the page. The messages sent to Megan Meier were sent by the employee, as well as that mother's daughter. Local police say there is no law that applies to a situation like this. Very sad, and, quite possibly, the ultimate "mean girls" story. [ABC News]


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@clerkinprada: Now I get what you're saying. But given Megan's history of mental issues, I honestly don't that they could've done anymore, you know? See, what Mrs. Meier seems to be the most upset about is that on that one particular day, she yelled at Megan to get off the Internet instead of listening to her. To me, that says the whole thing was just one perfect storm of crazy that ended horrifically instead of a systemic "I wish we could've done more all along," if that makes any sense.