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Further proof that America is the most wonderful country on Earth: Cats now have their own holiday. Well, they do if you believe Friskies, anyway. We may call today Leap Day, but they're saying it is actually "Plus Day," which is "a day of extras for your cat." Wait, isn't every day a day of extras—extra treats, extra naps, extra purrs—for cats?


To celebrate, Friskies has commissioned this 10-foot tall, six-foot wide sculpture of a cat made from, you guessed it, cans of their cat food. It's stunning, isn't it? Hey, at least they left the food in the cans. A giant meaty cat sculpture would've been a lot worse. Fortunately, these cans will now be donated to cat rescue organizations, so this endeavor isn't a complete waste. Also, you should probably pet your cat a few extra times so you won't feel guilty if he or she somehow figures out today is a cat holiday.

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Today is my cat's birthday! She's getting chicken treats and catnip tonight.