Thank God it's Friday; today marks not only the end of an exhausting series of fashion shows but what is easily the most anticipated event (sorry Marc Jacobs) of Fashion Week itself: The Project Runway finale fashion show. After the jump — and live from Bryant Park — I liveblog the runway fashions of the remaining three (or four?) Project Runway contestants.

8:20: Waiting outside - Kit and Jeffrey are here together and chatting. Kit looks much older in person. Jeffrey is smoking cloves and has grown his hair out.

8:25: Just asked Jeffrey who he likes from the current season; he says Sweet P is his favorite: "Sweet P and Hillary in 08 all the way."

8:35: We're in a holding area now; they've taken the photographers in and I'm just sitting in a press line. Of course, everyone in the press line is not dressed up at all; we're all wearing jeans.

8:45: I think I see the woman wrestler that Chris March costumed; she's wearing a leopard print coat. Of course.


8:55: Jay McCarroll and Uncle Nick arriving together; They are being escorted in by security. I only saw Jay for a minute, but his hair is short except for the front, which is in a pseudo-pompadour and it's all dyed black. Except for the poof, which is white. Uncle Nick is wearing a tailored blue suit.

9:00: Ugh we have been standing in the passageway between the main foyer and then tent for a while now; I am growing faint. But I've befriended some gays.

9:05: Security just made an announcement that everyone needs to throw out their coffee before entering.


9:07: Ooh, Laura Bennett; Bad Mommy. Gonna go talk to her.

9:09: Laura says she's gonna be on QVC on Feb .24, selling 7 garments [Shameless plug! -Ed.] Chloe gonna be on too. Also she can't wait to see Jillan and Chris March and thinks Christian will win.

9:10: She thinks this season was boring; no drama. However, in regards to drama, she says she is scared of the Jezebel commenters; she calls the Jezebel readers "salty New England dogs." She says she wants to respond to the commenters who railed at her for calling her nannies "the girls", explaining that, in the South, you're either a "girl" or an "old bag". And she says she can't believe someone commented about her letting her kids run around at the airport: "Wouldn't you rather them run around at the airport than on the plane?"


9:15: More Laura: She thinks Christian will win. But she'll be a little disappointed if he does. She says she agreed with the Project Rungay guys that he's "princess puffy sleeves" and that she wants to slap him across the face every week and that she screams at her tv telling him he needs to behave.

9:18: Ooh, I'm gonna try to grab Tyson Beckford.

9:20: Tyson wants Christian to win. Or, as he called him, "That guy with the funny hair and glasses."


9:25: Okay, they told everyone to take their seats - time to start, they say. I just had to throw some bitch out of my seat and have her unhand my swag bag. Inside the bag: The new issue of Elle, some Tresemme curl spray, a Hershey bar, Tresemme hair spray, L'Oreal lip gloss, a key ring. Person behind me just said of new Elle, "I love Amy Adams but ugh that is the worst picture of her."

9:33: Oooh, lights dimming. Stragglers are being told by security to take seats NOW.

There is minor hollering. Where oh where is Tim Gunn?

9:38: Padma just took her seat. She is so fucking hot. Ted Allen and Gail Simmons sitting beside her. Seats next to the judges are saved for Niki Taylor and Mary Louise Parker. Ooh, Nina and Michael are in the house! Michael's wearing his shades; Nina has bangs.


9:39: Victoria motherfucking Beckham is here!!!!!!!! She just entered down runway with Heidi; wearing an almost neon orange dress.

9:40: Posh is the motherfucking guest judge!!!! Everyone is waving and cheering for her. Heidi's wearing jeans; I wonder if they're Jordache? Okay, it's starting!

9:45: Heidi made her entrance: "Hello everybody!" (Clapping) She says lots of super-fast beating hearts backstage. Now she's introducing the judges. And she also made big point of telling everyone that Harvey Weinstein here too.


9:47: I wonder if I would look hot or dumb in Heidi's haircut.

9:49: Okay Sweet P has entered; she says she hopes we love her collection as much as she does. She is crying.

9:50: First look: it's like a metallic-y suitish thing? Gold shirt. Purple metallic flecked top with bustle and pencil skirt. Second look: tube dress in the purple material; so much more sophisticated than anything she ever did on the show. Now a crazy stripe skinny suit with ruffle shirt. Now a skirt suit in stripe print with ruffle bell sleeves, and ruffles down the back. An olive green felt cape over bronze tiered ruffle halter dress. Tartan tube dress with exaggerated hips. Tartan high-waisted trousers, with a striped peasant blouse. Ooh pretty tailored purple coat, with navy detailing. Maybe it's supposed to be a dress? Fits like a glove. Blue silk dress with sheer black top and back. Gold dress with exaggerated hips.


9:55: Black and gold deco looking dress, above knee, very cool. How did sweet p make this??? Black velvet exaggerated jodphurs with white silk sleeveless top with velvet bow and felt big hat. That was the closing look. I was strangely impressed! Sweet P is crying while taking her bow.

9:57: Now it's...Chris March. And crowd goes WILD. He is crying. I am starting to tear up too! "Go Chris" the crowd is shouting; the whole place is clearly pulling for him. He says "I never knew that living my life one day at a time for many days would lead me to this hour, this moment."

10:00: First look: blue silk screened dress with a Botticelli face on it; applause from crowd. And a black model wearing it! Second look is a suit. Oh lord there is pony hair fringe. Blue velvet skirt and tapestry jacket. Next is long jacket in the tapestry, also with the pony hair. Now a red Grecian gown, also silk screened. Now a suit in velvet: red velvet jacket, black velvet pencil skirt. Next is a rather awful red velvet dress: short, spaghetti straps, lots of applique. Now a long dress: Red velvet with a red velvet belt and a red silk panel down middle. Now another dress getting applause: A black and red dress with another large scale image silk screened on. Now a black velvet full skirt with black silk top and patent belt. Third look to get applause: a suit in black velvet with exaggerated pony hair collar and bottom. Flapper dress with furry fringe bottom. One more look! Long black stretch velvet dress with giant stole and knit panel down center. That's the closer. Applause from crowd: It definitely looked more like a collection than Sweet P's. Chris is crying and screaming "thank you" and hugging "his" model, who is also black and was incidentally my year at Tufts, if I remember correctly.


10:06: Next w have Jillian: place goes insane again. She is sosososo cute!

She says she's so proud to be here, showing very first collection, she hopes we see her inspiration and feel inspired as well.

10:07: First look: wow this is awesome. Applause from crowd. Greenish pinstripe jacket with big collar and knit hood underneath. Next look is a mini skirt with architectural pleats and a knit hat, black turtleneck. Next are jodpuhrs and a knit jacket. Next is a gold minidress with sheer black overlay. Next is a olive velvet jacket with a ruffled mini skirt. Next look gets applause; a knit black and white striped top with a deep scoop neck and these crazy pom pom sleeves paired with an olive tweed skirt. Next is a hooded jacket and flouncy long skirt. Now a knit sweater with cutouts and skinny pants. Now this cool armor jacket with knit tights.

10:10 AM: More applause for dress with this silvery bottom with tulle overlay

Next: velvet blue draped dress. Next is a corset top dress with pleated metallic black long skirt; it's the closer and it's awesome. Big applause from crowd I hope she wins. "Most wearable", says woman next to me.


10:13: Now is Rami. He looks smug. He's "very excited to be here with us as we experience this moment". He says his collection is a celebration of women. He says women should be cherished and treated as muses every day of their lives. Now he is coughing. But not crying.

10:14: First look: its teal and draped, but it has a corset built-in. It has puffy shoulders a la Christian. Next teal suit with a mini skirt and draping where the jacket comes in at waist. Next is a strapless graphic black and white dress: it is, of course, draped, but it got applause. Now we have skinny hot pink pants and a big blouse with black vest. Now a hot pink draped tent dress with puffy sleeves. Now a hot pink skirt, mini lots of detailing with shiny black blouse. High waisted pants with obi belt get applause. That's with a pink blouse with built in cape. Olive green pants and a one-shoulder draped top. Final look is a gown in olive: combo of draping and weave work gets applause. Ah one more look! Gold draped goddess gown: Beautiful. Shit wait one more!. Big applause for this really intricately constructed gold dress. With this beautiful trumpet skirt. And one more! [Oy. -Ed.] Black dress with trumpet skirt and all these crazy little tags of fabric layered upon each other. The eveningwear he showed was very impressive. I could do without his separates and day wear, on the whole.

10:20: And last but not least we have Christian and his stupid haircut. He says thank you for coming: this collection means a lot to him. He says everyone looks fierce. His first look is so perfect for Posh: A full black to the knee skirt that literally blossoms, and a metallic black turtleneck. Next is skinny pants and black hip-length skirted jacket; next is another short very architectural jacket. More black: Another jacket and pants combo.


10:23: I can't believe I'm saying this: his collection rocks. Now a sheer black blouse and skinny pants. Now this full felt jacket hat got big applause, built-in layer like his couture dress. Now skinny black pants and a truly couture-looking ruffled white high blouse so high it covers her face. Now a cream Christian jacket and trousers. More skinny pants with a giant sleeved cream blouse with a maroon felt full jacket belted over. Now a top that looks like his couture dress. Huge applause. HugER applause for a gown that has cream on one side, brown on other and is intricately layered. Finally, a long feathered gown: layers upon layers. He really went all out, says woman next to me. No way can't he win. He was the best by far. Wow: the kid's got talent. And I can imagine Posh in all of it!!!!

10:25: He is now posing on the runway and his model is laughing at him.

10:28: Okay, Heidi back out: she says best finale ever. She says she knows judging is going to be hard and says thanks to fans and media for covering, and told us all "Auf Wiedersehen - you can go now!"


10:30: Niki Taylor is telling me she has no favorites; she says they were all amazing, and she's really glad she doesn't have to do the judging!

10:35: Trying to get to Heidi now. . Reporters are just tossing questions

She says she's never had to fight for one of her choices; that it's Sheits pretty diplomatic and there's usually a consensus. She also says that Victoria called Bravo and asked to be a judge on the show

10:40: Kara Janx: She thinks finale was so not amateur, so professional; she says toss up for her between Jillian, Christian and Rami, that she loved all three and thinks they were equally strong in different ways. Ted Allen: Leaning towards Sweet P. He says he's classic in that way. He says he's never left the finale saying he loved everyone's collection.


10:45: Okay, headed home; pics will be up shortly.