Straight trainers, that is. See, the story of the murder of stripper/wanna-be actress Catherine Woods and her accused killer Paul Cortez underscores a few grim realities of modern life and love. But for us, the most resonant aspect of the sordid situation is that Cortez was a personal trainer, and we've always found the idea of the heterosexual, personal-trainer just a little bit creepy.


Scratch that; we've always found the idea of the heterosexual, personal-trainer or "spiritual guru" (we're talking you, Rodney Yee) just a little bit creepy.

Problem is, we can't quite put our finger on why. Here are some thoughts.

1. We like straight men to be aware of their bodies but not obsessed. About theirs or others.'


2. Men objectify women's bodies as it is โ€” as Val sang in A Chorus Line, "Tits and ass!" โ€” so a guy who is overly concerned about the tone of, say, a woman's abs or glutes is more likely to be a total sleazebag. (This may be why male OB-GYNS also creep us out).

3. Knowing how dirty-minded men can be [And we love them for that. To a point.] any straight guy who works as a personal trainer with women must be getting his rocks off in some shape or form. (We like our trainers gay).


4. The whole your-body-is-a-temple thing can easily get way out of hand and segue into megalomania ...or a John Mayer song.