The Problem With Niche Dating Sites

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Are you a vegetarian hunting for a meatless makeout sesh? There's a dating site for you. Christian Eve, looking for an Adam? There's a dating site for you. Ayn Rand fan in search of romance? There's a dating site for you, too!


As Business Insider reports, online dating is a billion dollar business ($2.1 billion, to be exact), and niche dating sites are eating up the market share. Whitney Thompson, who was the plus size winner on ANTM, started The Big and The Beautiful, where the women are "all bigger than size 6." There's also VeggieDate, Geek2Geek and The Atlasphere, for connecting admirers of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. Lisa, who met her husband on ChristianMingle, says, "The Lord was absolutely in it all the way."

But here's a question: By getting niche with your interests, aren't you excluding a heap of folks you might really get along with? Don't vegetarians and meat eaters fall in love from time to time? What if you join a cat lovers site and your one true love, your soul mate is on a dog lover site? Couldn't a woman who's never read The Fountainhead end up in a blissful relationship with a man who luuuuuves it? (Uh.. Hmm.) Anyway, I guess joining a niche dating site doesn't necessarily mean you're limiting yourself. A woman named Alana tells Business Insider: "The reason why [I joined FarmersOnly] is because I was looking for a specific type of individual… But would I consider myself a farmer? No."


MODELS, CHEATERS AND GEEKS: How 15 Niche Dating Websites Are Helping All Sorts of People Find Love [Business Insider]

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I did the college "okcupid" dating site for a bit and found some really weird results. Some guys I would talk to would tell me "well you're more of a dog person so I'm sorry, I can't date you" or "you're looking for dating whereas I'm looking for a relationship so I don't think we should talk" (not talking seems a tad extreme....)

It was all based so much on what you put down in your profile - not only what you say but the exact word choice you use.

I just feel like that's difficult. Aren't you supposed to date based on whether or not you have chemistry with the person rather than whether or not you both like comic books/dogs/chocolate?

Ooooor maybe I'm just bitter because the cute guys didn't want to date me. DAMN THEM!