"The Prime Minister Needs Cuddles": Tell-All Details Berlusconi's PJs, Involvement With "Lesbians"

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Call girl Patrizia D'Addario has written a tell-all about the parties she attended with Silvio Berlusconi, revealing even more about the Italian Prime Minister's Caligula-style antics.

The Times of London has published a series of excerpts from the book (scheduled for release tomorrow), some of which are pretty hilarious. For example, on the Prime Minister's choice of sleepwear:

He was dressed all in white and I took him for a ghost. White silk pyjamas and a white silk dressing gown.


And, describing his behavior at a party with twenty women, where he was the only "man with copulation rights:'

He caressed them all. The Prime Minister needs cuddles.

More serious, however, are her claims that she was attacked after releasing tape recordings of her encounters with Berlusconi. D'Addario says another car tried to ram hers on the road near her hometown, and that she received frightening phone calls, including one threatening to rape her daughter. She says that she also suffered an attempted rape, and that an assailant punched her mother in the face.

But according to John Hooper of the Guardian, one of the book's biggest revelations is that lesbians attended Berlusconi's bacchanals. Hooper writes,

D'Addario claims to have visited Berlusconi's private residence in Rome twice last year. On the first occasion, she said, the other guests at the dinner included two lesbians. They "must be at home," D'Addario writes. "They kiss and stroke one another and address the prime minister in a very familiar way."

This has political significance. Many conservative Italians ready to forgive, if not endorse, heterosexual promiscuity will be disconcerted by a claim that their leader's private life extends to lesbianism.


Given that women were allegedly paid to attend Berlusconi's parties, it's possible that these so-called lesbians were in fact performing for Berlusconi's benefit. And Hooper's claim that "Patrizia D'Addario adds a lesbian dimension to the allegations surrounding Italy's billionaire leader" is rather oddly worded. Still, if his analysis of conservative Italian mores is correct, it's more than a little depressing — apparently Italians can tolerate Berlusconi's corruption and his bizarre public statements (he repeatedly referred to the Obamas as "tanned"), but two girls kissing is a bridge too far.


Call Girl In Silvio Berlusconi Sex Scandal Claims Series Of Attacks And Threats [Guardian]
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Mireille is sensational, like a She-Hulk

Wow, what a creepy guy. And that Italians voted this guy back into office freaks me out. I can't think of a single redeeming quality in this guy. Treats women, even in his cabinet, like children and personal decorations for his appreciation, he's corrupt in business and government and he cooperated with Bush.