A recent study published by the Archives of Dermatology has found a price to put on adolescent angst. The study, which surveyed teens with acne issues, reveals that they would pay about $275 to have never had acne, $100 to be 100% acne-free, $10 for 50% clearing of acne, and absolutely nothing for clear skin accompanied by scarring. (Parents of teens were willing to pay a little more for a kid's clear skin.) Anyone who has had acne knows that it can be stressful (and a hell of a lot more expensive to clear up than a one-time $100 fee) but it's interesting that dermatologists are studying the financial aspects of clear skin. Isn't this a study that would seem more fit for a corporation like Procter & Gamble? Why are doctors so concerned about how much people are willing to pay for acne treatments? [UPI]