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The Price of Firing a Price is Right Model While She Was Pregnant? About $7 Million

Illustration for article titled The Price of Firing a emPrice is Right/em Model While She Was Pregnant? About $7 Million

Former Price is Right model Brandi Cochran sued the show for harassing and firing her when they found out she was pregnant with a baybee. Apparently the right price to settle things with Cochran — who claims she was called names including "wide load" (original!) — was over seven million dollars. That's a whole lot of Plinko, my friends.


Please keep in mind, this is all TMZ, so take it with all the grains of salt in the entire word. With that, take it away, jerks:

The jury that found a former "Price Is Right" model was fired because she got knocked up just gave the beauty a huge parting gift ... $7 MILLION in punitive damages. Brandi Cochran sued the show for allegedly harassing her and ultimately giving her the boot when she got pregnant. She claimed she was called names including "wide load."

Earlier this week the jury awarded Brandi $775,000 in damages, but then heard testimony about possible punitive damages, which serve as punishment for intentional wrongdoing. Let's just say ... the jury found PLENTY of wrongdoing, because it just smacked the show with punitives to the tune of $7,763,440.


It's called harassment, and she doesn't have to take it — no matter how great the Showcase Showdown is.

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Out of sheer curiosity, how do courts come up with the figures for punitive damages?

I'm guessing her lost wages weren't going to be $7,000,000, so how did they decide on that number? Is that the value of hurt feelings?