The President's Many Facets Revealed In Amateur Art

This mural is a few blocks from where I live, in a Latino neighborhood known as Loisaida — where Barack Obama is painted to look like a young Tito Puente. The President is all things to all people!

Or, at least, that's the feeling you get by checking out the images at Bad Paintings Of Barack Obama. The fact that so many people paint and draw the President in so many different ways speaks not only to his broad appeal, but to the sense that whatever you want, Barack Obama is that.


He's Native American.

He's Jimmy Carter.


He's a ceiling-brushing giant among men.


He's a taco-hat wearing Chicano who parties with chicks and underwear.


He's a baller.

The crazy thing is that, months after the election, Obama art is a growth industry. People like paintings because they are "unique" and, says one collector, "You want something that feels like an heirloom."

Now that Michael Jackson memorabilia has hit the market, the clamor for Presidential artwork may die down. But remember: An Obama Chia head is forever.


Badly Drawn Barack [Utne Reader]

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