​The Post-Workout Mini Blowout Proves Your Hair Really Can Have It All

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Women's hair in New York City who have been terrorized by the effect of human sweat on their blowouts (still trying to figure out exactly what that is) now have a new saving grace—a post-workout blowout touch-up. GADZOOKS, it's a miracle for women's hair everywhere!


More and more women's hair have fallen victim to the latest trend in conundrums: how to maintain a blowout after a sweaty workout. It can be incredibly frustrating for women's hair to drop $65 on a blowout only to ruin it with a single SoulCycle class. It's almost as if women's bodies are going out of their way to sabotage women's hair. If only there was some way women's hair could maintain their blowout-ness after having their blowouts ruined by maintaining their bodies.

But alas! There is! Salons in New York City are joining the latest trend in answering the latest trend in conundrums! It's called a "touch-up" and it has been a blessing for women's hair everywhere. But what is a "touch-up," or "comb-out" or "express blowout" as some salons refer to them? According to the New York Post:

Using dry shampoo to absorb the sweat, if needed, along with a round brush and a hair dryer, a stylist combs through each section of hair to revive the 'do in less than 15 minutes.

One woman's hair's review:

"Touch-ups have been a lifesaver for me," says Dechiaro['s hair], who gets three blowouts weekly and stops by for touch-ups in between. "I don't have time to sit in a chair for 45 minutes every day, so I used to forego workouts to avoid ruining my blowout. Now I don't have to."

But why go to a salon for your touch-up, women's hair? Why not let the salon come to you? Fitness studios are starting to offer blowout preservation services for women's hair who just don't have time to run to the salon.

"The gym is where me and my hair needed help most," explains Erika Wasser['s hair], founder of Glam&Go, which now offers in-gym hairstyling at Exhale's and Sports Club/LA's Upper East Side locations.


See, women's hair? You really can have it all.

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I own dry shampoo, a round brush, and a blowdryer. So can I just do this myself? I mean, do I absolutely HAVE to pay someone else?