The Polygamy Economy: Like Most Socialist Utopias, It Gives Socialism A Bad Name

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Sure, there are the sex beds and the surveillance towers and the hairdos and the unprecedented rate of birth defects, but at the end of the day, I am a nerd and the biggest source of curiosity regarding the members of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints is where they get their money and how they are using it. So thank you, Portfolio for your May story about the accountant appointed by the state of Utah to manage the $110 million Pederasty Economy. Bruce Wisan was appointed to privatize the property once controlled by Warren Jeffs, who was a destructive lunatic who played a sort of Stalin to his dad's Lenin. Jeffs would order grain elevators dismantled in the middle of the night; if he decided to purge a man from the community — which happened often when that man coveted one of the others' wives or houses — he trained teams to "move a house in less than an hour."

Jeffs closed businesses and nickel-and-dimed members so severely they actually ended up buying most things with big Tupperware containers of nickels and dimes, and eventually funneled millions into the Texas ranch that got raided earlier this year. When he was finally caught the place was impoverished and in shambles and now Wisan has to try to preach the gospel of personal property and the free market. A story that may shake your faith in Marxism, folks!


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@Political Party Girl: NOt just that, but they are always taught that if you question the religion and/or leave, you will shame your family and prevent them from going to heaven/attaining salvation/whatever. It's a smart move. People are willing to gamble with their own eternal souls, but when you up the ante by saying they are also damning their family, it's harder to leave.