The Pick-Up Artist, VH1's new reality show that premiered last night, is sort of like Charm School but for guys—guys who not only lack game, but apparently a set of balls. Of the eight adult men in the house, half of them are virgins — including a 45-year-old — and all of them have difficulty talking to women. This is where a guy named 'Mystery' comes in. A "master pick up artist" who wears eyeliner, fuzzy top hats you'd expect to find at Spencer Gifts, feather-accented trench coats, and has a lebret pierced through his flavor saver, he and his pals 'J Dog' and 'Matador' are on hand to teach the guys how to approach and woo a woman. Each episode, one guy will be eliminated based on his lack of progress, until there is one guy left standing, who will then receive $50,000 and get to "travel with the world" with Mystery. In the clip above, the professionals show the dorks how it's done as they work the room with cheesy bar banter. Seriously, would any of these tactics work on you? But the biggest mystery of all? This show is kind of fascinating!
The Pick-Up Artist [VH1]