'The Pick Up Artist': Extreme Makeover Edition

We're sort of gutted about the fact that Spoon decided to leave The Pick Up Artist last night, so we've assembled a tribute clip. His roly-poly awkwardness and sweet giggle was growing on us. However, we totally understand why he wanted out of there, and actually, we respect him even more for it. Just before Spoon's exit, Mystery told him that he's not "a special snowflake." We're still trying to figure out if that was an insult or a compliment. OMG! We're actually left thinking about shit Mystery says! Does that mean he just "opened our set"? After the jump, let's laugh at Mystery's clothes.

Last night, was the "makeover" episode (just like Top Model!) and the boys all did really stupid shit to their hair. But look who they have as role models.


If anyone knows what the hell wooden goggles with slits for eyes are used for, please let us know. Actually, scratch that. If you know then you're into whatever shit Mystery is into and we're not sure we want any part of that.

We're falling in love with the editors of this show. They really know how to appeal to us through captions.


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