The Petraeus Scandal Gets Inevitable Taiwanese Animation Treatment

The best explanation of the Petraeus shebang (outside of Katie's epic guide) comes from insanators at Next Media Animation. If you need to explain the scandal to a small child or to someone who just likes to laugh, this is the video for you! Be careful, though, the sexy music might send the clothes literally flying off your body.

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the attention given to this story is annoying, truly. the patraeus scandal "breaking" the day after the election sure is convenient timing. the white house says obama didn't know the head of the CIA was BEING INVESTIGATED until the day after the election? please. it's smoke and mirrors so attention is diverted from the complete fuck ups in benghazi and israel. as a site that covers some politics, please do your job and TRY to objectively cover other issues of importance. I am asking as a loyal reader that you take off your rose colored glasses and hold this administration responsible. truth-seeking. it's our job.