Over on the Jewish blog Jewcy, two Heebroads are debating the relative merits and drawbacks of foreskins. Sex writer and editor Rachel Kramer Bussel is vehemently anti-foreskin. Aesthetically, she finds the uncut peen distinctively unsexual: "they make me want to pat them like a dog and tuck them back where they came from," Bussel writes. But more irksome is the fact that Bussel feels that she doesn't know what she's doing with a foreskin because so few of the men she's been with were uncircumcised. Of her first time dealing with an uncut cock, Bussel says, "I felt like a timid teenager. I felt like I needed Dr. Ruth leaning over my shoulder, showing me just where to stroke and pull. This kind of killed the mood."

Over on the pro-foreskin side, "Esther Goldberg" (does she use a pseudonym because she fears the Jews will drum her out for loving foreskins?) argues on behalf of uncut penises, because, well, she's lazy. Goldberg finds that an uncircumcised penis is easier to help get off (especially when you're giving a hand job). Where she agrees with Bussel is on beauty: "A flaccid uncut dick can seem uncomfortably reminiscent of a sea cucumber or a shar-pei," she say., "But you know what? It's a penis, not a painting in an art museum. It's not there to be stared at for hours and admired, it's there to bone you."


Speaking of the penises that have boned us, well, true story: I've only ever been with one uncut dude, and it was the guy I lost my virginity to. I was so inexperienced at the time that I didn't notice he was uncut in the first place — we were always using condoms anyway so it didn't really matter in terms of sensation. Tracie's been with lots of both kinds of peens, and her only issue with uncut is that they sometimes "smell like Parmesan cheese." [Thanks. I was eating lunch. -Ed.] Anna prefers the uncut because she has good associations with them and thinks they're cute, Jen's never seen one, guest-blogger Megan says they weird her out a little, and Dodai has a good attitude: "If i like you enough to get that close I'll work with what you've got."

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