The Paper's Editor-In-Chief Gets A New Nose For News

We cannot stress this enough: The Paper is the best original programming MTV has had in years. The kids are great, the drama is real (unlike some other "reality" shows on the network), and it's really fun to watch kids get so passionate about something other than the color of Lexus they're getting for their sixteenth birthday. On last night's episode, Amanda, the newly appointed editor-in-chief, returned from summer break with not only a new title at the paper, but a new nose and wardrobe. It's kind of mean how the rest of the staff talks about her behind her back, but plastic surgery aside, the girl seems like she's really comfortable being exactly who she is. Clip above.

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@dontbogartthewine: i didn't read that piece, but i certainly hope that 5 years from now they won't be held responsible for doing something stupid when they were in high school. we were all idiots in high school.

in fact, there was a piece on NPR last week or so on *social networking* site and their impact on young people getting jobs. the report concluded with the sentiment that "eventually, people in hiring positions will realize that everyone does dumb things when they're young. and now, sometimes that stuff shows up on the internet. and eventually, they will have to get over it."