The Paper's Amanda Lorber Wins Hearts, Sings Songs

We love MTV's The Paper, and its fearless editor-in-chief Amanda Lorber. FourFour's Rich Juzwiak (whom you may recognize as the hunky voice of reason from Pot Psychology) wrote a great post about Amanda that puts into words — much more eloquently than we ever could — just how wonderful The Paper really is. ("It's raw but it doesn't show bruises. It's harsh but it's not cruel. I can't think of a better medium to portray the all-too-real-but-still-not-quite-real world of high school than that of pseudo-reality television.") The best, though, is that Rich tipped us off to Amanda's YouTube page. The clip above is her interpretation of Mr. Roboto. Enjoy!

My New Favorite Show [FourFour]



oh amanda. sometimes, i watch the paper and my heart breaks for you. please move on to someone better than alex— you deserve way more than that.