A Road Raging Asshole's Instant Karma Is Captured on Camera

A woman was being tailgated, hardcore, by a jerk in a pickup truck on a slick Florida road for several minutes. When he finally passed her, he flipped her the bird in a very intense, strained, drawn-out stare down during which his eyes were not on the road. You can probably guess what happens from there.

He spins out across three or four lanes and crashes into some signs before landing in a ditch in the median. The woman captured it on camera, cackling as she drove by his wreck, "That's what you get! All on video, buddy!"

(Jump to the 1:00 mark for all the action.)

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Obviously the truck driver is a greater asshole for tailgating, but let's not forget that once she passed the trucks on the right, she should have moved over. That is the law in some areas, and common courtesy everywhere else.

In addition, he is a greater asshole for flipping the bird, but she is still an asshole for recording in vertical.