Cindy McCain's drug addiction has been out in the open since John McCain's first run for the Republican nomination nearly a decade ago. It came up, she acknowledged it and then, when he started losing, the press lost interest and never really followed up about it. The other sides of the story were always out there, though, and of course โ€” as with any addict and any addiction โ€” Cindy left some destruction in her wake, as the Washington Post now reports.John Max Johnson, a doctor-friend at the charity she started lost his medical license because of the prescriptions he wrote for her. The American Voluntary Medical Team (touted during her biographical video at the Republican National Convention) had to shut its doors. A former employee, Tom Gosinski, who got the DEA investigation started, moved to Kansas and nearly went broke trying to sue Cindy for wrongful termination, as he was terminated for talking โ€” as everyone apparently was โ€” about her drug addiction. They tried to have him prosecuted for extortion when his lawyer made a settlement offer in negotiations that sounds shady ("you don't want all this stuff coming out") but is apparently legal โ€” and Gosinski remains so scared of their long legal arms that he couldn't decide whether he wanted to participate in the Washington Post story at all until he found pro bono legal counsel in case he does end up getting sued. What's actually funny to me is that John McCain's involvement in the Keating Five scandal โ€” the stress of which contributed to Cindy's drug abuse โ€” received relative short shrift in the piece and in the press in general during this campaign. I mean, I feel like it's obvious that drug addiction and subsequent legal problems would take a toll on more than just the addict, and that the more people you involve in your addiction, as Cindy did, the more people you'll end up screwing over โ€” that's why there's the apology stage of the 12 steps, after all. But is it relevant to McCain's ability to lead? I don't see it. The Keating Five thing, though, I wonder how many people know what went on there other than that it was a scandal โ€” just a far less salacious one. A Tangled Story of Addiction [Washington Post] Related: Did Cindy McCain Take 80 Pills A Day? [Gawker]