The Only Race Tighter Than Cindy McCain's Bun...

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  • Staying in to catch the "Potomac Primary" because you continue to be transfixed by this campaign's endless cliffhangeration/and also, fucking cold? Prepare with this primer! [Wash Post]
  • The (ever-reliable) exit polls have Obama winning over Virginia's women AND old. [Wonkette]
  • But he's not feeling too cocky yet: "We haven't even gotten through this yet, come on, man," Obama to a Virginia voter wondering about his prospects in the March 4 Texas Primary. [WSJ]
  • Cindy McCain's hair, meanwhile... "Her platinum locks weren't merely wound into a neat French twist. They were elaborately coiled, looped, balanced and bolted down like a piece of Frank Gehry architecture...She appeared to be dressed for the coronation itself." [Wash Post]
  • Steven Spielberg on resigning from the Genocide Olympics: "My time and energy must be spent not on Olympic ceremonies, but on doing all I can to help bring an end to the unspeakable crimes against humanity that continue to be committed in Darfur." [WSJ]
  • SNL to return in ten days; Gossip Girl by April. [NY Mag]
  • Teenagers "risk addiction after trying a cigarette just once." [Bullshit! I have been smoking since fifteen on and haven't smoked one since Saturday. And come to think of it, let's break that spell right now...-Me] [NYT]
  • 2 Live Crew's Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell 2 B filmed 4 VH1 reality show. [Allhiphop]
  • Sundry Satan type pundit Glenn Beck on his favorite drink: "As a conservative, I guess it's what you'd expect: I drink the blood of small people who are different than me." [NY Mag]
  • Someone asked for a post on John Fitzgerald Page's CNN appearance but, like, seriously, it's on Gawker if you want it. Somewhere I have a freelance piece by a guy who worked odd Craigslist marketing jobs with him one summer that I keep meaning to run...should I? Are you still curious about this balding, baffling specimen of badly-socialized momhate? Okayyy [Gawker]

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@blondegrlz: I know!

A few thoughts, before I have to leave: (and advanced apologies for the threadjacking).

- E-mails are never private. They can be forwarded. It's kind of the point of them.

- Stop giving Buckhead a bad name.

- Anyone who calls it a beemer is a douchebag

- Anyone who wears suspenders is a douchebag (I'm looking at you, Larry King).

- You were an EXTRA in those movies.

- You are arrogant

- You are not funny

- Why are you still talking about this?

- If I ever see you walking around Buckhead, I will punch you in the head. If I'm feeling nice. If I'm in a bad mood, well, I hope you're wearing a cup. xo, clever.