The Law & Order franchises are famous for recycling actors: One episode's stripper is the next episode's ADA. But no one individual โ€” save for series regulars or semi-regulars โ€” has been more prevalent in the series as actress Teresa Yenque. She has appeared in seven episodes of Law & Order and Law & Order: SVU โ€” as a different character every time.

Unfortunately, all of Yenque's roles have been cleaning ladies or relatives of murder victims. Between Law & Order proper and SVU, Yenque has played "Cleaning Lady" (2010), "Housekeeper" (2001), housekeeper Elizabeth Pinero (2002), housekeeper/nanny Angela Cruz (1998), housekeeper Theresa Aguilar (1994), grieving mother Maria Morales (2009), and grieving grandmother Graciella Hernandez (2002). All of her characters have elements in common: They're terrified of the police, terrified of being deported, big criers, hard workers, and god-fearing Christians. They are also usually the only characters โ€” aside from the law enforcement/justice gang โ€” you don't hate. Unfortunately, that doesn't make them any less stereotypical.


Video by Alex Leo.