The Old Country: Motherland of Style?

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The fickle fashion folk can never decide about who they love and who they love to hate. Vera Wang was all but the laughing stock of the Fall 2007 shows last September, but lo and behold, — brought to you by the meanest of the mean at Conde Nast — is now championing the Vera Wang-designed babushka! Yup, the turbaned, Prada-Orientalist look — what would Edward Said say? — is now out, and the Vera-goes-Russian look is in. We just hope someone tells Vera that Marc by Marc Jacobs was all about the Russian revival this season too. Anyway, those who plan to actually buy into this babushka trend (suckas!) can learn the right way to wear their headpieces in our handy Marc vs. Vera gallery, after the jump.

Marc by Marc Jacobs


Vera Wang

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Vera Wang and Anna Wintour are BFFs, so you have to take that into consideration.

Vera's collections are either hated or loved. Her bridal licenses give her enough cushion to put out only what she loves — not what she thinks the critics (and public) will love. She was once quoted as saying if she sells just 250 pieces of a RTW item, she considers that a success.

No, I don't love everything she puts out. But I also tend to look at her collections more closely than others, simply because I feel her aesthetic and POV is less tainted than designers who MUST make their lines profitable and liked by critics.

Just my two cents.