The Oh, Hell No Afternoon

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@rose0red: I read your previous arguments, and you have a point. It should never have happened like this, and the DNC's insistence that for some reason Iowa and New Hampshire should be disproportionately influential and other states should wait their turn is a little nonsensical. So is the insistence of Florida and Michigan's people to make their little statement with full knowledge of the consequences.

I don't think not seating Michigan and Florida, or seating them with that 50/50 compromise, discredits a candidate's legitimacy. Everyone agreed on the terms before going into the race. The committee agreed, all those candidates agreed, the Florida and Michigan officials who decided when to hold the elections agreed. You can't change the rules midway through the game.

(Of course, Floridians and Michiganites didn't agree to these rules, and that's why everything is so fucked up. But I don't think in those states there is a unanimous movement to seat their delegates. I bet the Michiganites who took the trouble to turn up and vote for "uncommitted" are PISSED when Michigan gets counted as 55% for Hillary, 0% for Obama. And like Gretchen said, I bet the people who didn't turn out to vote because they knew beforehand they weren't going to be seated are even more pissed that Hillary's people are trying to change the rules.)

I think Hillary's entire campaign is predicated on overturning the will of the people. Right now, with 85% of the vote in the remaining states, she still won't break even with Barack. He'll still be ahead even if they count Michigan and Florida. She cannot win without some serious superdelegate support.

As for the popular you said, Barack's winning anyway, but I cannot stand it when Hillary people try to rationalize her campaign with the popular vote. First of all, that counts Michigan with 0 votes for Obama. Second, that neglects the caucus states, 3 out of 4 of which went heavily for Obama. (I guess Hillary's people are cool with neglecting states sometimes!) Popular vote schmopular vote.

Sorry if this sounded uncivil. I agree that there is no easy way to resolve this Florida/Michigan thing. And I am definitely going to work for, campaign for, and vote for whichever Democrat wins this thing, legitimacy or no.

I don't like the way Hillary's conducting her business, but I still have a lot of respect for her, and all my Obama people need to remember that she is not the real enemy here.