The Obama Attack Ad Too "Extreme" For John McCain!

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  • "They're not listening to me because they're out of touch with reality and the Republican Party. We are the party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan and this kind of campaigning is unacceptable. I've done everything that I can to repudiate and to see that this kind of campaigning does not continue." That's the seventysomething presumptive nominee for the Republican presidential candidate, who may just be sufficiently out of touch with the party of Strom Thurmond, Tom DeLay and Dick Cheney to win the election, on the not-so-subtle Obama attack ad you can watch after the jump. [Reuters]
  • And you fucking know what? We'll be bombing Iran and the hedge funds will have figured out how to directly short-sell human life but at least we will have a president who wants to put an end to this shit. [WSJ]
  • Here's an inspiring story for those of you who have ever been fired and worry you'll never get another job in this economy (what with consumer confidence at a 26-year-low) because you have a criminal record and/or lost your last company $7 billion or something like that: Jerome Kerviel got a job! [WSJ]

  • I am really glad they finally found some tool to tell the Wall Street Journal reading masses to start stockpiling food as an investment strategy because you could be sentenced to life in prison for doing that same thing in the Philippines, but we believe in Freedom in America, and I don't know about you but I am proud of my country. [WSJ]
  • Dan Gillerman, the Israeli Ambassador to the UN, called Jimmy Carter a "bigot," which sort of reminds me of Geraldine Ferraro said she was a victim of racism but okay. [AP]
  • T.G.I.Peggy! "America is in line at the airport. America has its shoes off, is carrying a rubberized bin, is going through a magnetometer. America is worried there is fungus on the floor after a million stockinged feet have walked on it. But America knows not to ask. America is guilty until proved innocent, and no one wants to draw undue attention. America left its ticket and passport in the jacket in the bin in the X-ray machine, and is admonished. America is embarrassed to have put one one-ounce moisturizer too many in the see-through bag. America is irritated that the TSA agent removed its mascara, opened it, put it to her nose, and smelled it." Anyway, Peggy Noonan took a long (strange!) trip across the country and gave a ton of anti-Bush speeches to crowds in conservative spider holes such as Lubbock, Texas so we could be safe in the knowledge that there is not a single person is left in America who approves of the guy. Why fucking everyone on the internet can't write in a style so ideally suited to multiple drinks on Fridays is why we need to elect Barack Obama I guess [WSJ]

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Dictator for Life

I live in NC, and when I went to pick up some shoes from the shoe repair guy today, I could barely see inside the store from all the pro-Obama posters in the window. I had a great conversation with the shoe repair guy, who told me more about Obama's loan repayment plans than I knew, and convinced me that maybe Obama isn't too far to the right after all.

I think the NC GOP underestimates the intelligence of us North Carolinians.