Might I direct your attention-and-subsequent-inattention to a stubborn meme that Needs to Die Now? It's the "no-diet diet." (Oxymoronic, and moronic!) I don't feel like searching through the archive of Cover Lies to prove that the "no diet diet," which is basically the same as the "French Woman Don't Get Fat Diet" (and incidentally, the Gwen Shamblin "Weigh Down Diet") โ€” and probably a zillion other diets that would have you believe they're the antidote to "fad" dieting and last held favor sometime in the nineties, probably between the era of the "snack goods with horrible artificial ingredients" Diet and the Third Atkins Dynasty โ€” is hot right now, but today this trend found its way into the Wall Street Journal and this simple paragraph re the subject of "eating less fast" kind of made me want to die.

It's also a mind-blowing experience: I'm full and completely satisfied after three mindful bites.

Oh, for fuck's sake. Not to sound all "tell that to the Burmese!" or anything but, well, I think I've made my point. Which is just that there's no point. No point! EVERYTHING IS ABSURD. I have a hangover, go drink beer, good night.

Putting An End To Mindless Munching [WSJ]