The Night Belongs To Siouxsie Sioux

Happy birthday to Susan Janet Ballion, whose 54th birthday kicks off the weekend. (It's also Rachel Carson's birthday, but I couldn't find a fun dancey video for Silent Spring.) Raise your glass or bottle or boda bag and throw one back for the birthday girls.


Monday is a holiday for us red-blooded Americans, but we'll still be here in some shape or form! Come Tuesday, we'll be back at full steam. And whether you're observing Memorial Day or not, we hope you spend this lovely spring-but-really-summer weekend cooking something on the grill. Or playing outside! Just let that sun touch your pasty flesh! Get off your ass! Vitamin D! (I'm just talking to myself now, sorry.)

Have a great weekend!

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Why do guys you're dating feel the need to clear their conscious and let you know they are dating around? Honestly, 4 months down the road and things get serious, and you then tell me you were dating around the first couple of months, no problem. But to tell me up front? What do you want? My go ahead? That's not fair. It's not fair you expect me to say, "Oh sure! Date around! No problem! ALL SMILES!" It's damned if I do, damned if I don't. If I do say it's okay, then I just gave you my consent to fuck me on saturday and fuck someone else on tuesday. If I say no, I'm a jealous, controlling bitch.

I really liked you. A lot. That was totally out of left field. No one wants to feel like they are running a rat race for you. You're not that worth it.