But these stretch-lovin' ladies aren't the only two birthday girls: Tina Louise! Mary Quant! Sheryl Crowe! And as for dudes, Burt Reynolds and Taylor Lautner (heartthrobbery across the generations)! Hard to pick just one person to toast, so maybe let's toast them all. Why not be generous with our good spirits?

Anyhow, it's been quite the week. You're feeling it, we're feeling it. If you're still experiencing tech issues or are filled with disgust and/or hatred, please email help@gawker.com (for tech) or feedback@jezebel.com (for your thoughts). And in the meantime, we're trying to fix glitches and will have updates for you next week. Promise.

But here and now, in this happy Friday thread โ€” and goodness, aren't you glad it's Friday? โ€” let's keep it upbeat and focus on the good stuff in life. Like classic rock. Seems appropriate. Have a great weekend, everyone!