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The Night Belongs to Nancy Sinatra

Happy 72nd Birthday, Nancy Sinatra! I've always found this song rather empowering. Although it also reminds me of the fembot scene from Austin Powers. And, fuck, now I just remembered that I forgot to pick up my shoes from the shoe repair guy and the store closes at 5.


And with that, strut your stuff all weekend and/or in the comments.

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Ok, Jezzies, confession time! Which objectively terrible movies do you unapologetically love? I have a weakness for McG...I know that both Charlie's Angels movies and This Means War were shit, but I enjoy the hell out of them anyway. I also really like The Dark Crystal, which is a beautiful looking movie, but let's be honest, the plot is a little...underwhelming. Share with me your guilty pleasures because you can and we're all friends here, so there is no judgment!

(Ok, I might judge you a little if you like Michael Bay movies. But only a little.)